Montag, 7. Januar 2019

What You Need to Know to Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level


How Educating Your Employees Leads to Happy Customers

Customer experience should be at the center of any business, regardless of industry. Unfortunately, in my experience this typically is not the case . Frustrations in my regular dealings with salespeople, be it enterprise or retail, have led me to write this series addressing the problems that exist within today’s customer experience.
In my previous post, I explored why today’s customer experience is just not cutting it, and the implications this has for businesses. Today I will be looking at one major contributor to poor customer service and some potential solutions.

The Problem: Improper distribution of employee information.

Picture this: You have a basic question but the employee you are interacting with has no idea how to answer it. They must put your transaction on hold to go “ask a manager”. This is frustrating to all involved: Customers don’t have time to wait for answers. Employees don’t enjoy feeling unhelpful and uninformed. Managers have bigger problems to deal with.
Interactions like this can seriously tarnish the reputation of your entire business and hurt your bottom line.
Let’s start with the facts: Knowledgeable employees are a huge part of providing seamless customer experiences. According to American Express Customer Barometer 2017 survey, 62% of respondents report that representatives’ knowledge and resourcefulness is key to a positive experience.

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